Camp Thunder Thomaston, Georgia

The Camp Thunder Mounatain Bike Trail Lawhorn Scouting Base on the Flint River in Molena, Georgia Provides very Challenging rides for both Downhill bicycles and cross country race Mountain bicycles. Single Track trails.

Camp Thunder along the Flint River
Rocky Ride

Pictures Along the River Road........................



Entrance to switchback climb off of the River Road.....

View From the Top of the Switchback Climb.........

Rocky Downhills........


View Looking up and away from the Main Camp twards the Major Climb thats past the Water Tower. This is the Turn Off of the Fire Road that runs Behind the Main Camp Ground.

View Up the Major Climb........




Camp Thunder Trail GPS


Moss Falls at Camp Thunder

The Lawhorn Scouting Base is a 2,400 acre outdoor facility that includes three program areas:     

Traditional camping facility opened in 1938.    

    The Lawhorn Scouting Base is located less than 1 ½ hours south of Atlanta in thePine Mountain range.  The base facilities include:

In addition to frequent year-round use by Scouts, the Lawhorn Scouting Base is a hotspot for non-Scout groups that include colleges, churches, sports teams, and businesses.  Groups come to Lawhorn for training, team-building, conferences, and just to have fun!  We offer everything from high adventures in climbing and rappelling to more relaxed hiking and canoe trips.   

The Lawhorn Scouting Base is a leader in camping, outdoor education, and adventure programming.